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Longford Primary Curriculum

Our school is dedicated to high academic standards and a comprehensive curriculum program as outlined in the Victorian Curriculum F-10.

Our program covers the three Strands of ‘Physical, Personal and Social Learning’, ‘Discipline-based Learning’ and ‘Interdisciplinary Learning’. The aim of these programs is to challenge, motivate and ensure that all students feel a sense of success and achievement.

All school programs are based within State guidelines and provide every student with equal access to educational experiences. These learning activities are designed to be challenging, have a purpose and be broad enough so that all students will feel a sense of success and achievement.

We understand that all children have something to contribute, all learn from each other, all learn best in a stimulating environment and that learning is best achieved by being actively involved in the learning process.

We also provide practical support for those with learning difficulties and extra enrichment for talented students and those with diverse abilities.



The school aims to encourage the development of:

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