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Longford Primary Special Programs

Currently the school participates in the following extra-curricular programs:

The aim of these programs is to challenge, motivate and ensure that all students feel a sense of success and achievement.

We also provide practical support for those with learning difficulties and extra enrichment for talented students and those with diverse abilities.


Book Club:

Scholastic Book Club is conducted every six weeks, by parents, enabling children
to purchase their own books. Students may participate in this Club if they wish.



Grades Prep to Year 6 pupils will participate in a sequentially structured swimming program.  Achievement records are kept based on "Swim and Survive".

Our swimming program aims at developing water safety and survival skills, not necessarily champion swimmers.


Athletics Sports:

This school participates in the Sale and District Athletics Sports Meeting.
These sports are a culmination of our school athletics program. Selected trials are held for
Year 3 - 6 children at Longford.


Social Sports Matches:

Social matches are played regularly throughout the year. A variety of sports are offered
and participation is encouraged.